Medusa Ancient Coin & Rope Ring

The Medusa Ancient Coin & Rope Ring is cast in solid bronze. This ring features an ancient Greek coin that displays a Gorgoneion with a direct stare, protruding tongue, and snakes for hair. The Gorgoneion was used as an atrophic amulet, worn for protection against the evil eye. Depending on historical accounts and author, there were one or three gorgons, Medusa being the most famous. This coin ring has a rope band inspired by seafaring days and odysseys of antiquity. Whether you are a lover of history or objects of old or you need a deathly stare to face off any bad vibes, this coin ring is perfect for the everyday and wearing with other favorites.


* Handmade
* Bronze
* Ancient Greek coin reproduction
* 3mm rope band


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Each piece is hand-formed. This process makes every piece of jewelry unique.
Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for production and delivery if the item or size is out of stock.

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