Producing Skillfully Crafted Wearable Art.
Creating Personal Sculptures That Tell A Story.
Inspired By Nature, History, Mythology, And Folklore.
An Antiquitous Aesthetic For Contemporary Living.
Made By Hand For The Love Of The Human Hand.

Artist Elise Irwin operates her studio from her home in Key West, FL. Having spent years working in the jewelry industry, she launched her own company, Elle Irwin Studio, in 2019. Elise received her BFA with an emphasis on sculpture and ceramics from Flagler College and is a multidisciplinary artist.

Being heavily influenced by mythology and folklore, her work often utilizes iconography and symbolism to explore local and global archetypes.

Everything made at Elle Irwin Studio is made by hand by Elise. Whether a piece has been sculpted from scratch or molded from a collected treasure or curiosity, everything is hand-built and hand-finished. This process leads to no two pieces ever looking the same.